Griffin DAL Generator

Lower cost and better quality.

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Why would we want to pay for a code generator?

You are not paying for a code generator. You are paying to take advantage of 20 years of experience in the field. The code is generated from someone who's articles in the area is read by thousands of developers every month.

The generated code is based on established patterns and practices which will make sure that your team can continue to maintain it for several years.

Why would we use generated code instead of data layer libraries?

Libraries like Entity Framework requires additional skills from your programmers. The libraries are quite easy to get started with. But that simplicity is replaced with frustration when something fails or when the developer tries to do something out of the ordinary.

The purpose of this generator is not to give you a complete solution but about 90% of a complete data layer. The generator creates SQL statements that every developer can read and modify without any further education.

Thus when something fails or when the developer want to do something more complex they can just copy the SQL statement to a SQL editor and directly get feedback to what went wrong.

Return of investment

The cost of the license is earned back quickly, since the amount of hours that the developers have to spend with the data layer is significantly reduced.

  • 90% less time spent in the data layer
  • Automated tests - less bugs in future versions (as many are caught by the generated tests)
  • Well written code - easy to understand and maintain
  • Better performance - A lot quicker than using a data library like Microsoft Entity Framework
  • Bug fixing is more efficient as this generator creates detailed error messages