Coderr automates most steps in an errors lifecycle, from automated detection to escalation of critical errors.

Application quality monitoring

Coderr's mission is to help you manage bugs in your production environments. Developers are usually aware of errors and their causes in dev and test environments, while it's an order of magnitude harder to track and understand errors in production.

Coderr automates most steps in an errors lifecycle, from detecting and analyzing them to escalate critical errors and provide you with enough information to reproduce errors quickly.

With us, you can solve more errors in less time, and therefore get more time to build new features. Remember, every hour spent on errors is one hour of lost development time.

Example of one collection from ASP.NET Core.

Reproduce errors quicker

Coderr collects, stores and reports all the necessary information on each error automatically. There's typically no need for programmers to add extraneous information such as log lines to the code base.

Coderr collects different types of information depending on the error type.


  • For VueJS errors you get at minimum information about the failing Vue component.
  • For Node.js/ASP.NET Core you get at least information about the HTTP request.
  • For JavaScript in the browser, you get information about the document, the navigator etc.

Everything in one place

With Coderr, you get your existing logs (the 100 latest entries before the error occurred), bug reports from users (via our built-in UI or your own UI), and telemetry related to the error in the same place.

No need to use multiple systems to access the information that will help you understand and solve the error.

Just login, navigate to the error (one click), and browse all the aggregated information.

Logs + Bug reports + Error reports

Automated prioritization

When starting to report errors using automation, you will get more errors than you expect. Most of our customers have at least 100 errors on their list. Prioritizing errors based on a long list is a challenge.

Coderr prioritizes using an algorithm that considers the error age, frequency, number of bug reports from users, number of affected users, or essential criteria for your business.

Error escalation

All errors are not equal; that's why we have our automated prioritization. Some errors might not be critical initially but should get escalated when their effect on your customers' increases. Coderr can escalate errors in two levels; From the standard errors to important errors, and then from important to critical.

You can turn on notifications for escalations so that you can quickly react and mitigate their effect.

Data driven decisions

Data driven decisions

In a typical development process, you do more than correct bugs, even if it's the most fun thing to do. ;) You need to balance between decreasing the technical debt and building new features.

With Coderr, you prioritize between features and bugs by making data-driven decisions, using the insights/KPIs that Coderr provides.

Track progress over the year

Track progress for each application over the last year. Is the team correcting issues faster or slower than they were six months ago?

The screenshot shows that it takes longer and longer for the team to start working on new errors. The team probably focuses more on building new features, which means that the technical debt is increasing.

Let me help you make a decision.

I dedicated the last ten years, before building Coderr, to understand actual application quality by consulting and helping companies improve their development process and code quality. Application quality is so much more than following ISO 25010 or by following source analysis tools like Sonarqube.

Coderr is part of my mission to help teams develop features faster.

It's possible since,

a) Coderr finds more errors and lets you solve them faster.
b) You will correct the most crucial error first.
c) You can make data-driven decisions regarding feature development or bug fixes.

Don't believe me? Let me or my team do a quick demo where Coderr helps in your specific case.

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