Automated error management

OneTrueError is a premium service which aid developer teams by discovering and analyzing errors for applications deployed in production.

Key features

Here is the key features


The largest business values is that the development team moves from passive to active error management. When you use a logger as a primary tool for error information, your awareness of errors is not raised until a customer reports it. The reason for that is that logs are typically not monitored, or that the same error is reported over and over again.

With OneTrueError you get a notification (by phone/text or email) seconds after we have discovered a new unique error.

A log do not make any different between unique and repeated errors, which means that it's next to impossible to see if the logged error is something that is already being investigated or if it's a new error. OneTrueError will instead group duplicate errors under separate incidents.


As we provide distinct incidents instead of a list of repeated errors it's must easier to get a clear overview over which errors you have and how often they are repeated.

OneTrueError also allows end-users to subscribe on error status updates. From business perspective that's great since you can also prioritize errors using to the number of subscribers. You can also send status updates to all subscribers to keep them reasonable happy.

Understanding the problem

In logs you get a very limited picture of what actually happened. OneTrueError collects information about the error context, the current application state and the current computer state automatically.

Thus you typically have all information required to reproduce and understand the error with no additional effort.


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